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    Make it work for YOU

    The ability to fly out of 5,000+ U.S. airports will save
    you time between your home or office, and your destination.
    You choose the when and where….
    your jet is ready wherever and whenever
    you need it.

    Ease of flying

    Inherently simple
    From the systems that run the jet to the physical feel
    of hand flying, the S-1 takes what used to be so
    complicated and makes it easy. With a stall speed of 90kts,
    any properly trained pilot will have no problem
    handling the S- 1 .


    The fastest civilian
    aircraft in production.

    The S-1 makes any trip in record time. Cruise over the
    contiguous US at up to 0.99 Mach. That’s a mile every 6
    seconds.....but who’s counting?


    Sit back, relax, and let the advanced
    aerodynamics help out a bit

    While this jet may look the part of a gas guzzling fighter
    jet, it actually uses one of the most fuel-efficient engines in
    the industry and utilizes advanced aerodynamics to severely
    reduce drag. The S-1 uses 20% less fuel than the competitors,
    while accomplishing the mission almost twice as fast.


    Cost of

    What’s the point
    of owning an airplane
    if it’s too expensive
    to operate?
    The 5,000 hour TBO on the engines and the estimated
    $2.00/NM gives the S-1 one of the lowest operating
    costs of any jet in its price category.


    Ease of mind when
    stepping into the
    Nothing that the S-1 can offer is more important than
    its safety features. From the avionics and systems specifically
    designed to reduce pilot workload, to the power to get out
    of almost any bad situation, to the all weather capability,
    and even optional ejection seats, the S-1 was specifically
    designed to keep its occupants safe.


    What it's all about
    With a G-range of +7/-3, and a wide range of available
    maneuvers, people will find the S-1 able to do almost
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    Range Map

    *Indicates internal fuel 1,600 NM miles


    Crew: 2, Tandem
    Length: 40.5 ft
    Wingspan: 27 ft
    Height: 15 ft
    Wing area: 170 sq. ft.
    Empty weight: 6,300 lb
    Max takeoff weight: 11,500 lb
    Power plant: 2 x Williams FJ44-4
    Take-off field length: 1500 ft
    Landing field length: 1500 ft
    Payload: 5,200 lb
    Internal Fuel: 500 US gal
    External Fuel: 200 US gal
    (2 x 100 US gal pod)


    Maximum speed: Mach 1.1
    High Speed Cruise: Mach 0.99
    Cruise: Mach 0.95
    Range: 1,600 mi (2,200 mi w/pods)
    Service ceiling: 45,000 ft
    Rate of climb: 12,000 ft/min
    Wing loading: 60 lb/ft²
    Thrust/weight: .70
    Max G: -3/+7g
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